December 25, 2013 7:00 am -

The “Dancing Elites” as they’re known offended residents in Semmes, Alabama.

Angry residents say they should have been warned that the troupe was part of the parade, and questioned whether it was suitable for young children.

The group is known as the Prancing Elites. They were dressed in red-and-white Santa outfits as well as short shorts.

One mother Claudia Davis, who attended the parade with her daughter, told Fox 10 News, “I never expect anything like this at the Semmes Christmas parade!.

She said she was “outraged” by the troupe.

The troupe, who were invited to attend the event by organizers Friends of Semmes, were greeted with cheers and boos as they made their way along the parade.

Organizers said they had “no idea” the dancers would be dressed in such costumes.

“We do want to apologize if we offended anybody who did not know who we were before today, but still, at the end of the day, we only just came to dance and we did get invited,” Kentrell Collins, the captain of the dance troupe, told the TV station.

“We are no different than any team out there dancing. We want people to stop looking at gender and focus on the talent,” Collins told