December 26, 2013 12:09 pm -

Justin Meyer and James Douglas were enjoying twirling each other at the Cactus County country bar in Victoria, TX. They wanted to do what every other couple was doing at the club, but for one difference. They are–wait for it–gay!

“I feel like its complete discrimination. I don’t understand,” Meyer said

An openly gay couple, they said they were discriminated against and issued a no trespassing warning simply because they were dancing together.

“He told me they have a policy that states that they don’t allow males to dance with males to country songs. I said just country, and he said yes,” Douglas said.

The couple said they were told they were not allowed to dance together because they were men and for security reasons.

“I said will you please show me your policy but he kept brushing it under the table,” Meyer said.

So “security” wouldn’t be a problem if the two men danced to, say, Michael Jackson?