December 26, 2013 5:42 pm -

It’s easy to say guns and liquor don’t mix. How about: guns and people don’t mix.

Two people were killed and six injured on Thursday in a volley of gunfire after a bar fight spilled out into the streets of Slidell, near New Orleans, police said. One man died at the scene in the city’s bar district and the other a few hours later in an area hospital. The wounded were reported to be in either stable or guarded condition, Slidell police said. The two fatalities were identified as Errol Scott, 22, and Mark Womack, 23, police said. Witnesses said the incident took place in the early morning hours of Thursday as the bars were closing, with shots fired into a crowd of patrons moving out onto the streets. Police said they had a possible suspect, or suspects, but did not release any names.