December 28, 2013 2:29 pm -

The mother and brother of the man shared voicemails with the police where he said he’d “execute” his sister if he saw her at Christmas.

Gordon Bissonnette reportedly left the voicemails beginning in mid-December. He was upset with his mother — who he also threatened to murder — for inviting his sister, Corinne, and her wife’s family to Christmas.

According to the police report, Gordon said that “If [Corinne] f*cks with my child again, I will execute her myself…She cannot talk to me. I want to execute her. I will kill a gay.”

In another voicemail, he allegedly added that he will “put a bullet in both” Corinne and her wife’s heads. “If they turn my daughter gay, I’m going to kill them both.”

Gordon confessed to having left the voicemails, but claims he did not remember their content, as he was drunk when he left them.He also admitted to planning to throw a smoke bomb through the window of the house of his sister’s wife, so they would think it was gunfire and “freak out.”

After all, isn’t one of the leading causes of homophobia alcohol?