December 28, 2013 6:01 pm -

Adam Lanza was exposed to guns at a young age by a mother who wanted him to be part of the gun culture.

The picture [seen here], released as part of the final police report into America’s worst school massacre, shows a toddler who looks barely half the age of the six-and seven-year-old children shot dead in their classrooms last December.

It was unclear whether the child in the uncaptioned photograph was Lanza or his older brother Ryan, both of whom were reportedly taught to shoot almost as soon as they could hold a weapon by their mother Nancy, a gun fanatic.

The image, which shows an open gunrack with at least eight weapons behind the toddler, was part of more than 7,000 pages of documents, photographs, videos and audio recordings made public by the Connecticut authorities…

The New York Daily News quoted an unnamed source as saying that the boy photographed in combat gear holding a pistol was Adam. A representative for Mrs Lanza’s ex-husband Peter told The New York Post that the child was not Adam, but did not identify him.

However, in a book released last month, Marvin LaFontaine, an old family friend, described how Adam was “comfortable with a firearm” at the age of just four.

He said that Mrs Lanza would bring her two young sons to his property for shooting practice. “From the beginning you could tell that Adam liked the feel of the gun in his hands,” he said.