December 29, 2013 5:45 pm -

A newly-uncovered video of Phil Robertson reveals more of his fringe views that go beyond what we already know. Video from a 2009 talk at the Sportsmen’s Ministry in Georgia Robertson gave his views on the opposite sex. It’s possible he was joking, but watch the video and you decide.

What you want to do, according to the Duck Dynasty patriarch, is “marry these girls when they’re about fifteen or sixteen.” Robertson is no stranger to doing just that. He began dating his wife Marsha when she was fourteen and he a legal adult. They married two years later when she was just sixteen.

The age of consent in Louisiana is seventeen years old, and it is a crime for anyone regardless of age to engage in sexual relations with a fourteen year old (though there is no word on if they had premarital sex). If a person is under seventeen, it is illegal for anyone more than two years older to have sex with them. No matter what, it is likely (but not proven) that and Robertson broke at least one law.

And here’s what to look for in your nubile young bride, per Robertson:

  • She needs to be able to cook a meal, because women (as we all know) belong in the kitchen.
  • She needs to carry her Bible. No Bible, find another kid to wed! Where else is she going to learn that marrying and being entirely subservient to a 50-something (or 20-something) man is normal? The rest of society?
  • We’re not sure if this is innuendo or a duck cleaning reference (so we’ll go with the latter)…but if she “picks your ducks,” apparently that makes her “a woman!” Which is good, because her age sure doesn’t!