December 31, 2013 11:00 pm -

131230-crop-circles-hmed-728p.photoblog600Have the extraterrestrials arrived just in time for 2014? And if so, could they please, please abduct Ted Cruz and Miley Cyrus? Sadly, there are hints that the latest crop circle may not be the work of xenomorphs after all, but instead a prank by social media-savvy Earth humanoids:

“We were on a photo flight this morning and came across it,” aerial photographer Julie Belanger told NBC News. “It was so unique in the middle of a field.”

Onlookers on the ground had to make do with climbing on their trucks on an adjacent street to try and get a better view, NBC affiliate KSBW reported.

“It looks like aliens to me,” Manuel Madrid said from his vantage point.