February 11, 2014 6:45 am -

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars, here are the latest recipients of subpoenas from the New Jersey state legislative committee investigating the George Washington Bridge scandal (or as we like to call it just to raise the Teawingers’ blood pressure, BridgeGhazi).

  • Chris Christie for Governor, the governor’s re-election campaign
  • Christie’s office
  • Regina Egea, director of the authorities unit, governor’s office
  • Nicole Crifo, senior counsel to the authorities unit, governor’s office
  • Jeanne Ashmore, director of constituent relations, governor’s office
  • Rosemary Iannacone, director of operations, governor’s office
  • Barbara Panebianco, executive assistant to Bridget Anne Kelly, governor’s office
  • Custodian of records, State Police aviation unit
  • William “Pat” Schuber, commissioner at the Port Authority
  • Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director at the Port Authority
  • Custodian of records, Port Authority
  • Steve Coleman, deputy director of media relations, Port Authority
  • Phillip Kwon, deputy general counsel, Port Authority
  • John Ma, chief of staff to Executive Director Patrick Foye, Port Authority
  • Matthew Bell, special assistant to former Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni, Port Authority
  • Gretchen DiMarco, assistant to Baroni, Port Authority
  • Arielle Schwarz, special assistant to former Director of Interstate Capital Projects David Wildstein, Port Authority
  • Mark Muriello, assistant director of Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals, Port Authority

Meanwhile, the same committee has told a number of recipients of a previous wave of subpoenas that they’re not buying any “Fifth Amendment” excuses, particularly “BridgeGhazi Bridget” Kelly:

The joint legislative committee probing the September traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge, which is threatening to derail New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s political career, met Monday afternoon to review the subpoenaed documents they have acquired so far.

Many of the documents have not been handed over, as several of the 20 people and organizations – with links to the governor–have been given an extension or are invoking their Fifth Amendment rights and refusing to produce the material.

NBC reported that NJ legislature’s “Super Committee” investigating the George Washington Bridge closings in Fort Lee has voted to enforce subpoenas for documents from former Christie deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly, threatening to hold her in contempt if she does not comply.

D.B. Hirsch
D.B. Hirsch is a political activist, news junkie, and retired ad copy writer and spin doctor. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.