April 3, 2014 5:14 pm -

The day after a shooting at Fort Hood resulted in four deaths, Missouri’s House votes to nullify federal gun laws. Good timing, no? As you can tell from the accompanying photo, the bill’s sponsor doesn’t like either Democrats or grammar.

Rep. Stacey Newman, D-Richmond Heights, found it “interesting” that the House was debating this bill in light of yet another mass shooting.

“(With this bill) the criminals walk free and the gun violence victims have no recourse,” Newman said.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Doug Funderburk, R-St. Peters, received a vote of 110-41. Under the measure, residents could sue federal agents for enforcing past, present and future federal gun laws.

It would allow conceal carry permit holders to carry firearms openly, even in municipalities with ordinances banning this act. It also would lower the minimum age to obtain a concealed carry permit to 19 from 21. School districts could decide to arm certain school personnel — without a public hearing — and interested school personnel could volunteer to become a school protection officer. That volunteer would receive the same training as a police officer.

In other words, it’s everything a state should not do.

Mike N.