August 9, 2014 8:44 am -

Police are searching for the man wearing a hat with the president’s face on it who has robbed 8 Long Island banks in the last three months.

The man is wanted in a series of bank robberies that dates back to early May. In each case, he approaches a teller, shows a demand note threatening violence unless he gets money, then flees with the cash.

The man is seen in surveillance video wearing a hat during each of the robberies; one of them has the president’s face on it. Others are wide-brimmed…

Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.

D.B. Hirsch
D.B. Hirsch is a political activist, news junkie, and retired ad copy writer and spin doctor. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

21 responses to Man Robbing Banks Wearing Obama Hat

  1. Anomaly 100 August 9th, 2014 at 9:25 am


    • Pistol-Packing August 9th, 2014 at 9:32 am

      I concur !!!! Blame Obama !!!! =)

      • Larry Schmitt August 9th, 2014 at 10:01 am

        Beat me to it. It’s bound to come up on Fox. Maybe someone will even try to claim the robber was Obama.

        • R.J. Carter August 9th, 2014 at 3:40 pm

          Facial recognition software doesn’t lie.

      • Anomaly 100 August 9th, 2014 at 10:47 am

        You know how sneaky the POTUS is.

        • Pistol-Packing August 9th, 2014 at 10:54 am

          hey, he needed some Pocket Cash for his Vacation….

          • Anomaly 100 August 9th, 2014 at 10:58 am

            Vacays don’t pay for themselves.

          • Pistol-Packing August 9th, 2014 at 11:03 am

            This is true… Although, I do wonder how that does work with the President. Not being Snarky, but a legitimate question if you think about it. the president, whoever it is an employee. Obviously, they need to have their security detail. But who in fact does pay for the actual location?Obviously, we know the answer.

          • Anomaly 100 August 9th, 2014 at 11:15 am

            To my knowledge, the President pays for his actual vacation. With Bush, I never minded when he took a break. God knows, if I don’t like a particular sitting president, then you’d think I’d want him well rested when he makes decisions. That whole “Obummer is taking a vacay. He’s evil” thing is simply deflection.

          • Pistol-Packing August 9th, 2014 at 11:40 am

            I dont blame any of these presidents for taking the vacation, or for that matter play a round of Golf. its a 24/7 job. Have you ever noticed how many presidents go in with one color hair, and they all come out Grey?? hasn’t any of them ever heard about “Mens Hair Now” coloring ???

            I guess here is a question though. I was reading a little bit about Obama’s vacation last year to Martha’s Vineyard. the rental was $50,000 per week. Now, under normal circumstance’s, would the Obama’s have rented such an exuberant location. Or are they forced to rent something so large as an estate, in order to be able to house all the secret service that goes with them. And if that is the case, I don’t think it would be right to force any president to pay for the entire rental.

            But here is an interesting question. When the first family goes out to dinner on vacation, Whose credit card do they use to pay the bill?? or could you imagine the opportunity for swiping the presidents Credit Card number…

          • Anomaly 100 August 9th, 2014 at 11:43 am


          • Larry Schmitt August 9th, 2014 at 11:47 am

            You need to find something real to actually worry about.

          • Pistol-Packing August 9th, 2014 at 11:58 am

            Whose worried. Anomaly and I agree, we were just having a conversation about it. Thats all.

          • MIAtheistGal August 9th, 2014 at 3:26 pm

            I thought I was the only one who wondered about weird crap like that, lol

          • mmaynard119 August 9th, 2014 at 9:45 pm

            Have you heard of a small little outfit called the Secret Service?

        • burqa August 9th, 2014 at 9:34 pm

          I’m sure Hillary is in on it, somehow………………..

  2. jasperjava August 9th, 2014 at 10:24 am

    Thanks Obama!

  3. William August 9th, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Yeah, thanks a LOT Obama.

  4. granpa.usthai August 9th, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    that “Eastern NC Style” BBQ in Texas must be better than I thought. THE PERFECT CRIME! – rob banks in Long Island, spend the loot at a Texas BBQ Joint, all while being the sitting POTUS! Who could ever guess? –
    if they ever do catch on, wait until all the charges have been made, then present to the judge – “not me, I don’t have a real Hawaiian Birth Certificate”!

  5. burqa August 9th, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    Reminds me of a guy back in the 70s who robbed banks wearing a cartoonish rubber Nixon mask. Come to think of it, I think there were 2 of them. About a decade later I saw something like that in a movie.
    I always wanted me one of those Nixon masks………….

  6. mmaynard119 August 9th, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    Obama’s gone back to wearing a white Superfly hat again?