October 24, 2014 10:15 pm -

[su_right_ad]After a passenger reported a nosebleed, a plane was grounded at Columbia Metropolitan Airport in Columbia, SC.

Earlier, Columbia Metropolitan Airport spokeswoman Kaela Harmon told The State the United Flight 5732 from Dulles International Airport was being held on the ramp after a passenger got sick during the flight.

Harmon said the chance of the passenger having Ebola is “very, very low” because the passenger has not visited any West African countries where the outbreak is prevalent.

“Emergency crews are meeting the plane,” Harmon told The State. “We are taking precautionary measure.”

Doug Mayer, a spokesman for Gov. Nikki Haley, said in a statement that a flight crew member became suspicious that a passenger got sick.

“Upon landing, established protocols were followed and out of an abundance of caution medical professionals are now screening all passengers,” Mayer told The State. “We will continue to keep the public updated as more information becomes available.[su_csky_ad]

D.B. Hirsch
D.B. Hirsch is a political activist, news junkie, and retired ad copy writer and spin doctor. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

37 responses to Ebola Panic: Plane Grounded Because Of Nosebleed

  1. tiredoftea October 24th, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    Thank you Fraud Spews and all you beyond idiotic stories on this subject.

    • whatthe46 October 24th, 2014 at 10:52 pm

      sweet JESUS, wait until flu season.

      • tiredoftea October 24th, 2014 at 11:07 pm

        No kidding!

      • Anomaly 100 October 25th, 2014 at 7:18 am


        • Carla Akins October 25th, 2014 at 9:07 am

          This happened in KC:
          A discussion about Ebola received an interesting call on KMBZ last night. KMBZ’s own Darla Jaye was discussing the topic, when she got a call from the man who was suspected of the virus in Kansas City.

          Rob says he always knew he didn’t have Ebola, but he was dehydrated and needed fluids, necessitating a hospital visit for an IV.

          “So I called my company and I said OK, what do you all want me to do with this because there is such a dramatic fear of Ebola right now? I know if I go to a hospital, they’re going to immediately think the worst and my company says you really have no choice, you need to go get checked,” said Rob.

          But once he got there, he was isolated because he’d been working in west Africa. Rob says things quickly got out-of-hand. While he was isolated, his name got out, which led to death threats for his family.

          He’d been working as a medic overseas, but lost his job in the metro once it happened. The Ebola tests came back last week and Rob tested negative for the deadly virus. He actually had the norovirus.

          • Anomaly 100 October 25th, 2014 at 10:04 am

            Death threats? Oh my, I wonder who would do that.

          • Carla Akins October 25th, 2014 at 6:40 pm

            Awful people with no damn sense.

  2. Obewon October 24th, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    Ebola paranoids are so frazzled they don’t even remember Libya patient 0 Ben Ghazi!

    • rg9rts October 25th, 2014 at 3:50 am

      Ben Ga Zi ….Ben Ga Zi…Ben Ga Zi!!!!!!!!

  3. StoneyCurtisll October 24th, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    Stop with the Ebola hysteria…
    Stop with the right wing politicizing of Ebola hysteria…

  4. StoneyCurtisll October 24th, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    “a spokesman for Gov. Nikki Haley, said in a statement that a flight crew member became suspicious that a passenger got sick”…
    So now everytime someone uses the standard on all flights ‘vomit bag’, (air/motion sickness bag)
    They are going to freakout and think it is Ebola?..

  5. Larry Schmitt October 25th, 2014 at 2:07 am

    I wasn’t aware that nose bleed was one of the Ebola symptoms.

    • whatthe46 October 25th, 2014 at 2:31 am

      OVER TIME, symptoms become increasingly severe and may include:
      Nausea and vomiting.
      Diarrhea (may be bloody)
      Red eyes.
      Raised rash.
      Chest pain and cough.
      Stomach pain.
      Severe weight loss.
      Bleeding, usually from the eyes, and bruising (people near death may bleed from other orifices, such as ears, nose and rectum)
      i’m sure if this guy would have had other symptoms long before a nose bleed and he would likely have been in the hospital instead of on a plane considering its last on the list.

      • Larry Schmitt October 25th, 2014 at 10:09 am

        That was my point. If someone on a plane is at the nosebleed stage of Ebola, everyone is in big trouble.

    • whatthe46 October 25th, 2014 at 2:32 am

      can you imagine flu season.

    • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 2:41 am

      From what I’ve learned it’s common in advance stages for people to bleed internally and externally. It is one reason why Ebola is so dangerous to care givers and family members living in tight quarters and/or without adequate sanitation. I understand also that by that stage a person is usually unconscious, delirious or otherwise incapacitated and not likely to be getting on a plane under their own power. Nonetheless this flight crew was on the ball and should be commended. It appears proper procedures were followed, risk mitaged and those affected by this event can breath a sigh of relief.

      • whatthe46 October 25th, 2014 at 3:26 am

        the guy who died was with his family for days when he was ill and was not affected.

        • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 3:50 am

          Perhaps it indicates how even a basic understanding of Ebola Science helps us avoid getting infected. From what I understand this family, from Africa, was all too familiar with it. That might explain, along with good sanitation, why they were all spared.

      • Larry Schmitt October 25th, 2014 at 6:15 am

        In advanced stages. By that point, he would not be upright, and he certainly wouldn’t be on a plane. The idea that someone could connect a simple nosebleed to Ebola is ludicrous. There was a bus that was taken out of service and scrubbed down simply because some jackass yelled “Ebola!”

        • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 6:46 am

          It might have been overreaction indicating cabin crew and the flying public needs additional information in order to make better informed decisions when confronted by any unusual circumstances. What should a crew member do on a flight out of Dallas with a nosebleed? Report it? Ignore it? Inquire information from the passenger then make a determination?

          • Larry Schmitt October 25th, 2014 at 7:25 am

            How would a flight crew have reacted to a nosebleed before Ebola? Would the plane have been grounded and every passenger checked?

          • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 9:24 am

            With all due respect, your question is irrelevant.

          • Larry Schmitt October 25th, 2014 at 9:35 am

            My point was that it’s the Ebola hysteria that’s making everyone react this way to things that have nothing to do with Ebola, with people who have not been near anyone with symptoms, have not been anywhere near the countries involved. Since a nosebleed is not an early symptom, I question whether their actions were reasonable.

          • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 10:17 am

            I don’t see “hysteria” here, at least as compared to what’s happening in West Africa. Until you know the facts you really can’t make a rational determination, in any given situation. In this case you may be right, however the cost of being wrong is mighty steep.

          • Larry Schmitt October 25th, 2014 at 10:20 am

            A lot of the media outlets are stretching pretty far to make an Ebola connection. I don’t watch fox, but I imagine they’re whipping their uninformed audience into a pretty good frenzy.

          • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 10:33 am

            I just scanned the Fox feeds at here and found only 2 or 3 stories related to Ebola and they don’t appear to be encouraging panic.

          • Larry Schmitt October 25th, 2014 at 10:38 am

            That’s not their normal MO.

  6. greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 3:15 am

    A plane load of people from Dallas where there have been 3 recent cases of Ebola with several still being monitored for it. A passenger with a nosebleed should raise some flags and unlike CDC this crew, the airline and local officials appear to have followed the correct protocols. I don’t like it either but we all better get use to it. Like it’s been said over and over again the best way to fight Ebola in America is to fight Ebola in Africa. But that fight seems to have fallen off the radar.

    • whatthe46 October 25th, 2014 at 3:25 am

      so, why didn’t they quarentine all of the passengers until they got an all clear?

      • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 3:38 am

        Apparently the “all clear” point was reached after “medical professionals” eliminated Ebola being involved.

        • rg9rts October 25th, 2014 at 3:49 am

          The same ones that cleared the one to go on a cruise and to fly back and forth to Cleveland…Boy you are a trusting soul! LOL

          • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 4:21 am

            I am a trusting and generous soul, as you can see.:)
            This is clearly a national issue and our CDC along with the hospital in Dallas admit they have made mistakes. Obviously that got the President’s attention and action. Still, I don’t believe we’re doing a good enough job monitoring high-risk individuals, Dr. Spencer is a sad case in point. We can do better, and I believe we will in the future.

          • rg9rts October 25th, 2014 at 4:34 am

            Too bad you can’t light a fire under congress’ ass… they have cut funding willy nilly and have yet to appoint a surgeon general because O’s choice is not pro NRA…we see the effects these cuts since 2000 by the lack of a vaccine for ebola…and research put on the back burner till it becomes a crisis that will bite them in the butt at home

          • greenfloyd October 25th, 2014 at 5:14 am

            Right now Congress is a joke without a punch-line. This does give Democrats an opportunity to shine a light on how important science and research are to both the public health and good governance. However helpful legislation is probably months away, at best, if at all. Back to you Obama.

          • rg9rts October 25th, 2014 at 9:02 am

            Sure they have a punch line …Boner and good ole turkey wattles

  7. rg9rts October 25th, 2014 at 3:47 am

    Lucky it was South Carolina and not Texas ….there would have been a lynch mob

  8. annaaurora October 25th, 2014 at 8:32 am

    I wonder if the passenger was black, I suspect he or she was. There was that other instance when a black woman on a plane flying out from Dallas or Houston got chucked into the loo for 45 mins because she got sick on the plane. I do hope people realize that white people get Ebola too when their playing these sorts of speculating games. I know there’s precaution, but then there’s just plain old bigotry, and racism. Be weary.