February 11, 2015 6:30 pm -

[su_right_ad]In other words, when you see the wonderful reaction to the Israeli prime minister’s speech before Congress, know it is because of managed optics, and the approval of just one political party., as Anomaly writes.  And it looks as though Netanyahu is assured of a mostly white audience as well.

Many members of the Congressional Black Caucus say they’re planning to skip the speech, calling it a slight to President Barack Obama that they can’t and won’t support.

Israeli officials have been taken by surprise by the CBC backlash, kicked off by Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a civil rights leader who said last week he won’t attend, quickly followed by Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) and others. As a result, they’re working to set up a meeting for CBC members with Ambassador Ron Dermer — or even Netanyahu himself when he’s in Washington.

“To me, it is somewhat of an insult to the president of the United States,” said Rep. Greg Meeks (D-N.Y.), leaving the White House on Tuesday after a long meeting with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who also will miss the speech. “Barack Obama is my president. He’s the nation’s president, and it is clear, therefore, that I’m not going to be there, as a result of that, not as a result of the good people of Israel.”

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D.B. Hirsch
D.B. Hirsch is a political activist, news junkie, and retired ad copy writer and spin doctor. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

24 responses to Republican Staffers Will Fill Empty Seats At Netanyahu Speech To Ensure Standing Ovation From White Audience

  1. KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker February 11th, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Isn’t this the peoples building and intended for representatives elected by the people, for the people to be sitting in it’s seats?
    Today’s republicans are so shady, bigoted, lying manipulators of the American people that the entire nation should be ashamed of their deceitful shenanigans.

  2. tracey marie February 11th, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    No one should be there, period

  3. Obewon February 11th, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    Cons will dust of this relic from last century: Repub bloggers claim photo shows millions at Netanyahu “tea party” rally.

    • tracey marie February 11th, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      you don’t expect them to be truthful, remember when fox slop used a phony picture with palms about a tea bagg rally upnorth

      • Pilotshark February 12th, 2015 at 9:48 am

        that was Madison Wisconsin.
        I am sure Walker has remove them by now:-) /s/

  4. rene1220 February 11th, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Is there anything the GOPigs will not stoop to? And be sure that Fake News will tout how large and receptive the audience was.

  5. Angelo_Frank February 11th, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    When you consider many of the attendees at the Netanyahu speech don’t consider Barak Obama their President the result is not surprising.

  6. Budda February 12th, 2015 at 7:25 am

    Perhaps they should request the Sgt. At Arms to remove the I’m posters from their seats.

    • Budda February 12th, 2015 at 7:26 am


      • Hirightnow February 12th, 2015 at 10:16 am

        Well, if they’re posting IMs, they should probably leave as well.

  7. rg9rts February 12th, 2015 at 8:55 am

    You can’t make this childishness up….I’d one up them and have the Dems stand on the capitol steps for a photo op…

    • Hirightnow February 12th, 2015 at 10:15 am


      • rg9rts February 12th, 2015 at 11:22 am

        Bout time

        • Hirightnow February 12th, 2015 at 11:37 am

          You’re a herd one to pin down…I don’t want to get you on a 12 hour old post!

          • rg9rts February 12th, 2015 at 11:38 am

            Got to get up early in the morning…I start about 1AM EST

          • Hirightnow February 12th, 2015 at 9:21 pm

            Just about when I quit…

          • rg9rts February 13th, 2015 at 1:29 am

            WAKE UP

  8. Mainah February 12th, 2015 at 9:12 am

    Yeah, that’s not ridiculous. sure. No one will realize that those aren’t their representatives sitting out in the audience. WTF? It’s like Huckabee’s fake Fox audience where they used a mirror to make it look like more people … how desperate do they need to be? What’s worse, is that their base will probably fall for it. When do we the people, actually get our say? Fuckin’ when?

  9. Warman1138 February 12th, 2015 at 9:34 am

    This reminds me of 2000 when the GOP shipped staffers to Florida to protest the ballot recount pretending to be outraged voters thereby influencing the Supreme Courts intervention. And the years of suffering, death, destruction and financial costs here and throughout the world have become almost incalculable. It was a good scam by the republicans and worked for them like a charm.

  10. Pilotshark February 12th, 2015 at 9:43 am

    betting they will not even make note that most of the seats are being taken by staffers and interns, lol wonder how long it will take fox to place names and D`s beside most of them.

    who will get to sit next to the weeper speaker and hand him his hanky?

  11. Pilotshark February 12th, 2015 at 9:46 am

    republicans dream ticket.

    Netanyahu/Putin 2016

  12. wpadon February 12th, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Perhaps the Democrats should attend and get up and leave after bibi enters or stand and turn thier backs to him when he speaks

  13. ShelleysLeg February 12th, 2015 at 10:44 am

    This is exactly why I suggested waiting til Bibi starts speaking, then walking out en masse! Don’t give them a chance to engage place holders, paid place holders to make it look like something it’s NOT!

  14. rg9rts February 13th, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Who do they think they are kidding ????? Like the time George II was at a warehouse to give a speech and they were covering up the Made In China labels on the cartons with duct tape…. Fools…as I said before …I’s one up the gopee by having a photo op on the steps of the capitol with all the no shows….