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article-byrd3-0319[su_r_sky_ad]Suicide or foul play?

Given the rise in racial tensions exacerbated by the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, it is understandable if some people are jumping to conclusions. But given the scant evidence, it is impossible to tell what exactly transpired:

Federal authorities are investigating the discovery of a missing African-American man who was found hanging from a tree in Mississippi during a ground search Thursday.

The remains were discovered in woods a half-mile from the man’s last known residence in Claiborne County, about 60 miles southwest of Jackson, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jason Pack told the Daily News.

The NAACP’s local branch identified the man as 54-year-old Otis James Byrd, who vanished nearly three weeks ago, MSNewsNow reported.

He was last seen when a friend dropped him off at Vicksburg’s Riverwalk Casino, approximately 30 miles north of where the body was found. …

In an email to The News, Pack did not say whether foul play is suspected at this time and did not confirm the man’s identity as Byrd. He said the man found Thursday had been missing since March 2, the same date Byrd was reported missing.

Officials described the man to WAPT News as found hanging by a bed sheet around his neck. His hands were not tied up and he was wearing a skull cap on his head.


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  1. rational_thinking_one March 20th, 2015 at 11:53 am

    Maybe it was someone from the family of the woman he MURDERED in 1980… Karma’s a b!tch!