July 6, 2015 3:00 pm -


(AP Photo/Jeff Bottari)

(AP Photo/Jeff Bottari)

Maybe Donald Trump is a Democratic operative.

  • Here was Ted Cruz on “Meet the Press” defending Trump in a way. “I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. The Washington cartel doesn’t want to address that… He has a colorful way of speaking. It’s not the way I speak. But I’m not gonna engage in the media’s game of throwing rocks and attacking other Republicans.”
  • On other hand, here was Rick Perry criticizing him on ABC: “I’ve said very clearly that Donald Trump does not represent the Republican Party. I was offended by his remarks.”
  • Here was Chris Christie: “The comments were inappropriate and they have no place in the race.”
  • And Jeb Bush, whose wife is Mexican, was maybe the most forceful: “To make these extraordinarily ugly kind of comments is not reflective of the Republican Party. We’re going to win when we’re hopeful and optimistic and big and broad rather than ‘Arr, grr’ angry all the time.”

Oh, and here was Trump firing back at Jeb Bush, per NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell: “Jeb Bush once again proves that he is out of touch with the American people. Just like the simple question asked of Jeb on Iraq, where it took him five days and multiple answers to get it right, he doesn’t understand anything about the border or border security. In fact, Jeb believes illegal immigrants who break our laws when they cross our border come out ‘out of love.'”



D.B. Hirsch
D.B. Hirsch is a political activist, news junkie, and retired ad copy writer and spin doctor. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.