July 8, 2015 2:00 am -


How do you take an ugly story, a viral video of a football player punching a woman in the face at a bar, and make it even uglier? If you’re MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, you throw in some weird observations about the “profile” of the victim.

On Monday, video emerged of now-former Florida State University quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a woman in the face at a bar two weeks ago, for which he was arrested and thrown off the team. According to Johnson’s lawyer, the woman hurled racial epithets at his client, kneed him in the groin, then struck him before Johnson responded by punching her in the face.

In the video, you can see both of them trying to squeeze in at the bar, and the clip is consistent with what Johnson’s attorney told NBC News. She starts jawing at him, raises her fist, he grabs her, she thrusts her knee at him. hits him, and then Johnson punches her in the face and walks away:

Johnson was charged with misdemeanor battery, released on $500 bail, and suspended indefinitely from the football team. His lawyer says Johnson┬áregrets not simply walking away immediately, and that he’s now volunteering at a battered women’s shelter.

On Tuesday morning’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and the gang did several segments on the newly-released video, and amid the commentary in their first segment was this odd notation by the host…READ MORE



D.B. Hirsch
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