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Online retailer Amazon is being sued for selling the cyanide which was eventually used in the suicide of a young University of Pennsylvania student. The heartbreaking story for the Freshman co-ed began with a sexual assault, alleged indifference by the University and finally the shipment of the poison through the mail.

A mother is suing Amazon after her 20-year-old daughter committed suicide using cyanide salts she purchased on the website. The cyanide was offered for sale by the retail giant despite the fact that soluble cyanide salts are labeled in the U.S. for being a hazardous and lethal substance. The University of Pennsylvania student, Arya Singh, purchased the cyanide salts in December of 2012 from a vendor located in Thailand. Two months later, she opened the packet and ingested the salts, dying from cyanide poisoning. Now her mother is suing Amazon, the Thailand vendor and the University of Pennsylvania for her daughter’s death.
There seems to be a lot of blame for the young woman’s death to go around. According to her Mother, after the student was assaulted in her dormitory, the University did not provide even the most basic assistance or counseling. That, they charge, lead to her depression and contributed to her eventual suicide.
The counselor found that she was severely depressed and referred her to CAPS to see a therapist. However, Sujata claims that when her daughter went to make an appointment with the therapist, the schedule was full and no one followed up with her for a different appointment time. Therefore, Sujata says her daughter spiraled out of control. The student was not allowed to enroll in spring courses as she was under academic investigation. Since she was not enrolled in classes, Arya was asked to vacate the dormitory. Instead of packing up her stuff, Arya pulled out the small envelope of cyanide that she purchased from Amazon and ingested it. The student would later be found deceased in the room from cyanide poisoning.
Some corrective action has now been taken by Amazon to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. It turns out Sujata was not the first person to use Amazon to mail order their death potion. With this case becoming public, let’s hope it will be the last.

According to, shortly after Arya purchased her cyanide off of Amazon, the company halted all sale of the questionable substance. In fact, Amazon stopped allowing the selling of cyanide just six days before Arya Singh committed suicide via the dangerous substance. The lawsuit notes that 51 cyanide products were sold through Amazon in the U.S. prior to Singh buying the poison, 11 of those purchases led to the buyer’s death.



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