April 13, 2016 6:58 pm -


They also point to it being “forty-two years ago.”

The lawyers said the incident, as described by one of the accusers, “remains ambiguous” and that the accuser in his interview with the authorities said he was “‘not sure if [Dennis] touched [Individual A’s] genitals or brushed his genitals.'”

“While undoubtedly many would consider this episode as described by [Individual A], consisting of a groin rub for a groin pull and a massage, to be misconduct, we are not so certain that the incident qualifies as sexual misconduct, especially for a coach and trainer forty-two years ago,” Hastert’s lawyers wrote.

“Regardless of the characterization, Dennis deeply regrets that the episode occurred,” they added.

The documented was first reported on by the Chicago Tribune. It was in filed in response to a sentencing recommendation by probation officers that Hastert serve prison time for lying to federal authorities investigating whether he was structuring payments to avoid legal reporting requirements.

In the document, Hastert’s lawyers referred to their previous suggestion that the “groin rub” does not amount to sexual misconduct to say that the characterization should not be used against him in regards to the upcoming sentencing.



D.B. Hirsch
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