February 3, 2017 5:58 pm -

Here is the lawsuit that looks poised to deliver Donald Trump a yuuuugely embarrassing defeat:


Just minutes after a federal judge blocked part of President Trump’s immigration order on Saturday night, ruling that no one with a valid visa should be deported, someone was, according to court papers filed on Thursday.

Her name is Suha Amin Abdullah Abushamma, a Sudanese doctor with a valid H-1B foreign-worker visa who was working at the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio, in a residency program.

“She left for vacation thinking she’d be gone for a short time, and then she couldn’t come back to her home,” Dr. Abushamma’s lawyer, Jennifer Kroman, said on Thursday evening. “It raises not only constitutional questions, but questions about the importance of court orders.”

Mr. Trump said his immigration order, restricting entry to the United States by people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Sudan, was intended to make the country safe from Islamic terrorists. But according to lawyers for immigrants who were barred, the order caught in its web dozens of people like Dr. Abushamma, who graduated at the top of her class from medical school.

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Dr. Abushamma’s case was highlighted at a hearing in Federal District Court in Brooklyn on Thursday, where Judge Carol B. Amon extended until Feb. 21 the initial ruling — formally known as a stay of removal — issued last week by her colleague, Judge Ann M. Donnelly.

Judge Amon will be presiding over the case and deciding on the legal issues underlying the executive order, while at the same time overseeing nine cases in which plaintiffs say they were improperly deported.

The Thursday hearing before Judge Amon was largely procedural and was held to set out the schedule for arguments and motions in coming weeks. But in a separate action the day before, Judge Amon ordered the government to explain in writing by mid-February why she should not allow Dr. Abushamma to return to the United States, where the doctor is engaged to be married to a fellow physician.


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