February 10, 2017 2:18 pm -

High-profile Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz, who as House Oversight chair did his best to milk the “Benghazi!” non-scandal in order to politically damage Hillary Clinton, found out the hard way that his constituents are furious at his failure to address their needs.


Let the tweets speak for themselves:

Oh, my. That did not go so well! Slate has more details of the disastrous town hall:

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz was home in his district Thursday night to hold a town hall at a high school in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. It did not go well. The crowd well exceeded the auditorium’s 1,000-person capacity and the event kicked off to chants of “kick him out!” (re: Chaffetz) mixed with “let them in!” (re: the some 1,000 person overflow crowd locked out of the event). The crowd that did make it inside roiled with anger, asking pointed questions on the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act, violence against women, Chaffetz’s refusal, as the GOP chairman of the House oversight committee, to investigate President Trump’s apparent conflicts of interest and Russian election meddling, as well as his stated desire to sell off local public lands.

At one point, Chaffetz told the crowd: “You’re not going to like this part: the president, under the law, is exempt from conflict of interest laws.” Late in the meeting, a young girl brought the house down when she asked Chaffetz: “Do you believe in science? Because I do.” Chaffetz gamely answered questions for about an hour before heading for the exit. Outside, as the town hall wrapped up, protesters chanted “bring him out!” and “this is what democracy looks like!”

Here is teh entire event as posted to YouTube:


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