July 15, 2017 8:12 pm -

UPDATED at bottom. Buckle up…

Collusion, bigly!

News Behaving Badly can confirm that the Washington Post has been sitting on – and is continuing to add details to – a blockbuster of a story concerning Donald Trump and evidence of collusion and/or coordination between his presidential campaign and Russian officials in 2016, and that the story is likely to run before the end of July.

It may be related to this evening’s big reveal at Patribotics.

Louise Mensch, who has been weeks and sometimes more than a month ahead of the mainstream media, sets off another MOAB-sized blockbuster blog post with multiple revelations:

Sources with links to the intelligence community and the justice department report that Donald Trump himself is on tape calling in to a meeting at Trump Tower, where collusion with Russians was discussed.

Sources could not confirm, however, that the meeting where collusion in the election was discussed was the one at which his son, Donald J Trump Jr, recently admitted to conspiring with Russians to hack the election.

They pointed out that there was more than one meeting at Trump Tower where attacking the integrity of the US election was discussed by Trump campaign officials and representatives of the Russian government.

The source of the recording of Mr. Trump was his campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman. His phone had been legally hacked by the United States intelligence community under an SS7 exploit and turned into a ‘hot mike’ where he was, unbeknownst to him, recording all those with whom he was speaking.

Sources drew attention to the possibility, even the probability,  that Mr. Trump was recorded at more than one meeting committing treason with Russian representatives.

Mr. Trump appeared to confirm his knowledge of the bad news of a huge amount of SIGINT, or Signals Intelligence, existing against him on March 3rd. He sent out a string of tweets which themselves were crimes of obstruction of justice, revealing evidence in an ongoing top secret and criminal investigation against the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and members of the Trump campaign as a whole.

There is much more at Patribotics.

And as if that weren’t enough, the NY Daily News‘s Linda Stasi has found the link between the big Donald Trump Jr. Russian spy meeting and the Hookergate dossier!

UPDATE, Sunday 7/16 11:00AM EDT: Bill Kristol – yes, that Bill Kristol, would not tweet something like this unless he were certain someone in the DC press corps were about to dump a yuuuuge Tootsie Roll in the Trump punchbowl:

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