July 27, 2017 2:03 pm -

“If I decide to throw my hat in the ring for US Senate, believe me… it’s game on mthrfkers.”

That is how a certain marginally talented musician’s press release teased a possible Senate run. At least it isn’t Ted Nugent.

Kid Rock — real name Robert James Ritchie — has launched new website, On it, a statement by Ritchie seems to turn the rock star’s tentative, frankly baffling campaign for America’s most prestigious legislative body into something all too real.

“When my name was thrown out there for US Senate I decided to launch,” Ritchie writes. “I was beyond overwhelmed with the response I received from community leaders, D.C. pundits, and blue-collar folks that are just simply tired of the extreme left and right bullshit.”

After describing how media reports prompted him to “take a hard look” at whether there was genuine grassroots support for his prospective candidacy, Ritchie writes that “the one thing I’ve seen over and over is that although people are unhappy with the government, too few are even registered to vote or do anything about it.” As a result, Ritchie insists that he is going to try to get people registered to vote while advancing his ideas about what America needs.

He is also unambiguous about his desire to make money off of the political rumors swirling around him.

It merits mention that Ritchie is feigning interest in one issue, though he plans to use the issue to pad the rolls with Republican voters:

The “All Summer Long” singer also said he was launching a voter registration non-profit as he gauges interest for a run for public office.

“Not only can I raise money for this critical cause, but I can help get people registered to vote at my shows,” Kid Rock said in the statement.

Mentioning a non-profit while making it clear he is in it for the money. That doesn’t sound at all corrupt, does it…

D.B. Hirsch
D.B. Hirsch is a political activist, news junkie, and retired ad copy writer and spin doctor. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.