August 11, 2017 8:27 pm -

The bio reads:

Born in Columbus, Indiana, on June 7, 1959, to wholesome heterosexual couple Edward and Nancy Pence, Michael Richard Pence was named after his grandfather Richard, who emigrated to America from the non-Muslim-majority country of Ireland, settling with his family in the American Midwest.

And it gets even funnier. The site – and the back story!

FunnyOrDie’s utterly convincing website for Vice President Mike Pence is back.The site,, is being widely misinterpreted as a hack, and because the year 2017 follows absolutely no rules of logic or history, I wrote half of this article before realizing it that it is not, in fact, Mike Pence’s official website, but rather an extremely funny joke website set up by Funny or Die. According to the Internet Wayback Machine, the site has existed in some form since at least April 1, but appears to have jumped back into the Twitterverse on Friday after some users noticed it and assumed it was a hack.

After Scott Dworkin posted the link on his Twitter feed, several journalists thought one of Pence’s official web sites had been hacked.

Now click and behold the glory that is

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