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From our “Stay classy” files:

Documents disclosed this week show just how far former Trump Organization adviser and convicted felon Felix Sater will go to help his one-time business associate President Donald Trump. …

Sater used his email and office address to register websites including IAmAF*gg*,, several variations of and, C*,, V*, and dozens of other crudely named domains.

While registered to Sater, some of those sites attacked Jody Kriss, Sater’s former business associate. The two used to work together at the Trump Tower-headquartered real-estate firm Bayrock, where Kriss served as CFO until he left the company and sued them for money laundering, according to Bloomberg. Donald Trump was initially targeted in court by Kriss, as well.

Sater’s email and office address were used to register more than a dozen domain names relating to Kriss. Those sites then attacked Kriss for his lawsuit against the Trump family, among others. That’s according to records The Daily Beast discovered using the domain analysis site DomainTools, which tracks changes in official domain registrar databases.

Despite this, Sater’s attorney, Robert Wolf, claimed in an email to The Daily Beast that “Mr. Sater neither owns nor is associated with these websites. Publishing anything to the contrary is defamatory and in reckless disregard for the truth.”

Classic non-denial denial. And there’s more!

Wolf did not give any evidence to back up that assertion.

Many of Sater’s anti-Kriss sites have been pulled down, but the sites that remain, including, still direct to a screed slamming Kriss, who owns the real-estate firm East River Partners.

“Meet Jody Kriss, the man who, with his associate Michael Chudi Ejekam, sued PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and his daughter Ivanka, along with half a dozen law firms, dozens of individuals and companies, such as CIM Group and iStar Financial, as well as a New York State Senator for $1 BILLION,” reads.

Archived versions of Sater’s other sites—including IAmAF*gg*—show they once contained at least some of the same information./blockquote>

Unfortunately for Sater, Kriss knew how to fighe back:

Kriss sued the owners of various websites containing Kriss’ name, like, for including disparaging information about him and was able to get the sites delisted from Google, Bloomberg reported. Using a court order, Kriss said he tracked the registration of the sites back to Sater’s address in Sands Point, New York.

… Sater admitted to owning several Kriss-linked domains—including and—in a separate lawsuit asking a court to find that he registered them “in good faith.”

In 2016, Kriss filed a complaint to have domains referencing his name or company transferred to his ownership. The complaint triggered a lawsuit against Kriss by the three parties who claimed to own the domains: Sater, a company owned by Konstantin Yudin, and Larissa Yudina, who Yudin says is his mother.

Why do we keep hearing about Russian web apparatchiks in practically every other article on Trump’s Russia scandals?

D.B. Hirsch
D.B. Hirsch is a political activist, news junkie, and retired ad copy writer and spin doctor. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.