September 7, 2017 2:43 pm -

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA18) has been a cheeky little monkey – and his lawyer has his panties in a bunch that word has leaked out! Bad!

Murphy publicly admitted Wednesday to having an extramarital affair with a personal friend, issuing a statement about the relationship hours after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette prevailed in a court motion to unseal a divorce action.

Mr. Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair, is not a party to the divorce. However, the husband in the case, Jesse Sally, a sports medicine physician, sought in July to depose the congressman as part of his divorce from Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist.

Dorothy Wolbert, who represents Dr. Sally, said that the deposition is relevant to alimony requested by Ms. Edwards.

“He has the right to know what went on with this marital misconduct,” Ms. Wolbert argued on Wednesday before Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Kathryn Hens-Greco

Dr. Sally alleges that the affair between his wife and Mr. Murphy began in February 2016.

Mr. Murphy’s attorney, Kenneth J. Horoho Jr., argued to quash the subpoena, saying that the affair was already out in the open.

“Why do you need to depose him other than to harass him?” he asked. “They got the marital misconduct. They admit it. At some point, your honor, it does rise to the level of harassment and bad faith.”

Well, maybe it rises to the level – albeit indirectly – of informing the public that their bat-guano Islamophobe, parent-blaming, DACA-mealymouthing congresscritter is a naughty boy! And it’s a real May-September dealio:

Mr. Murphy, 64, who is in his eighth term in Congress, is a practicing psychologist and is married with an adult daughter. Ms. Edwards, 32, has a doctoral degree, and her practice involves significant work within the Allegheny County court system, performing evaluations of defendants in criminal and child custody cases.

Akiko Nojima
Akiko Nojima is an American-born media producer, artist and tour manager, political activist, and lifestyle dominatrix. She splits her time between Berlin (Bergmannkiez) and Brooklyn (Park Slope).