October 19, 2017 12:11 pm -


Admit it.

If you were a political junkie anywhere left of center during the “oughties,” you though George W. Bush was somewhat clumsy, none too bright, and wrong on 90 percent of the issues — at least during his first six years.

Once some real distance had grown between Bush and the scheming Dick Cheney, more than a few people in Blue America observed that he had been able to balance a touch of swagger and humor with tangible gravitas — and moved politically closer to the center.

This morning, in a speech before the George W. Bush Institute, Bush took on isolationism, Russian meddling on American politics, and what seems like an intentional campaign to make Americans question democracy.

These are three elements of the Trumpian way — and, without even dignifying the media-hogging real estate grifter who presently plants his oversize butt behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office by mentioning his name, Bush 43 took a wrecking ball to the Trump ideology and agenda.

Watch George W. Bush at his most presidential. I predict you too will applaud.

— Gene Gaudette

UPDATE: Raw Story has some of the reaction to George W. “Mr. #Resistance” Bush’s speech on Twitter.