November 22, 2017 8:45 am -

UPDATE: Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen. Go. Read. THIS! Then read THIS!

You guessed it: there were multiple big slices of Russiagate turkey for Trump’s “Golden Boy” son-in-law in just the last news cycle. The stuffing is plenty savory, too!

  • Special Counsel Mueller is looking into Kushner’s pre-Trump-regime shenanigans at the UN – and Steve Bannon has been dragged into the mess. Good.
  • One big takeaway from the WSJ article is reported in Newsweek: they confirm from four sources a previous report that Jared Kushner pushed Trump to fire James Comey. Smart move there, Slick!
  • Re. Mr. Kushner, a high-level Republican in frequent contact with the White House told Vanity Fair‘s Gabriel Sherman that “[White House Chief of Staff John] Kelly has clipped his wings.” Well, if the plan is to eventually cut the turkey’s head off…
  • [Yes, Dave G weighed in on both of the stories here at NBB]
  • You have probably never heard of Roman Beniaminov, a “low-profile real estate exec turned pop star manager,” but we bet that Team Mueller has — “[d]ays before the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, [Beniaminov] alerted a meeting participant that the topic of “dirt” on Hillary Clinton could come up.
  • Earlier this year, guess which congressman dined with Alexander Torshin, that Russian banker who is thisclose to Putin and tried to arrange a “backdoor” meeting between Trump and Putin during the 2016 prez campaign? Clue: the Kremlin considered him such a valuable source of intel that they gave him a code name!
  • Disastrous Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s brother is “reported to have tried setting up secret communications between Trump and Putin.” He gets his turn in the barrel next week.
  • ICYMI: this read will give you some idea of why we believe Michael Flynn and/or his son will be the next parties Mueller’s office indicts.
  • You’ll enjoy this tweet from Jason Leopold (and we recommend you click through to the scan of the letter):

Unless something amazing, egregious, or egregiously amazing hits the newswire, we’re taking Thanksgiving off. Happy Turkey Day to one and all!

— Thanks to the ever-astute Dave “Doctor” Gonzo, who also contributed to this post.

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