November 24, 2017 8:50 am -

How Black will Black Friday be for the treasonweasels? Team Trump got some bad news on Turkey Day:

  • BOOM! The Gray Lady: “A Split From Trump Indicates That [Michael] Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With [Robert] Mueller“. Read between the lines: waaay better than even odds that Mueller flipped Flynn.
  • WaPo confirms NY Times story. It’s on!
  • Norm Eisen — a former chairman of CREW and Ethics Czar for the Obama White House, tweeted this last night:

  • Renato Mariotti, a former prosecutor and candidate for Illinois AG, makes this important observation in a Twitter thread (click here for the full thread but give it a minute to load):

  • Oh — and this!

  • It is more than likely that this story from late Wednesday concerning Flynn business partner Bijan Kian is highly relevant to the developments reported in The NY Times.
  • Vanity Fair: “During a May 10 meeting in the Oval Office, [Trump] betrayed his intelligence community by leaking the content of a classified, and highly sensitive, Israeli intelligence operation to two high-ranking Russian envoys, Sergey Kislyak and Sergey Lavrov.It’s called treason, kids!
  • Now isn’t this special? “Trump is our president!” Russian politicians “arranged a champagne party celebrating” Trump’s presidential victory
  • From Wednesday’s TRMS: the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed on Russia-based software maker Kaspersky Lab; they paid money to Mike Flynn, and had been identified as a potential problem by the Defense Intelligence Agency over a decade ago!
  • Shaking my head: Loudmouth Trump compromised our national security by revealing Israel’s secret Syria raid to Russian diplomats.
Akiko Nojima
Akiko Nojima is an American-born media producer, artist and tour manager, political activist, and lifestyle dominatrix. She splits her time between Berlin (Bergmannkiez) and Brooklyn (Park Slope).