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UPDATE, 3pmEST: It was Sam Nunberg – who just held the most off-the-rails 17-minute phone conversation with Katy Tur live on MSNBC that one can imagine. Nunberg told Tur he would not honor and will refuse to comply with the grand jury subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury.

At 2:43pmEST, he called into MSNBC’s Katy Tur (who co-wrote the NBC scoop last night) and said he is now refusing to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation, and said that it was “ridiculous” for him the hand over all of his emails from his “mentor” Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and Hope Hicks.

TUR: “Are you worried about being arrested?”
NUNBERG: “I think it would be funny if they arrested me. … Did I communicate with Carter Page? … with Corey Lewandowski? … Lewandowski screwed me over. … I think my lawyer is going to dump me now. … You know what they asked? … ‘Did you hear people speaking Russian in Trump’s office?’ … I did not … Did you hear about Trump Tower Moscow?’ No, I did not hear about Trump Tower Moscow.”

TUR: “Did you find an email?”
NUNBERG: “That’s a very good question, but I haven’t gone through my emails. … I was going through my emails and I thought, ‘this is ridiculous!'” [Huh? He didn’t an did check his e-mails?]

NUNBERG: “Did you see the subpoenas, because I sent them to ya! … [Stone] was treated terribly by Donald Trump!”

TUR: “Do they [the special counsel] have something on Donald Trump?”
NUNBERG: [pregnant pause] “They may… I spoke to Bannon [and we discussed] Trump may have done something during the election…”

Nunberg sounded much more interested in defending Roger Stone than Donald Trump. Tur pressed Nunberg on whether someone had pressured him not to cooperate; Nunberg evasively kept returning to the excuse of the “fifty hours” it would take to go though all of his e-mails.

Here’s the full interview:

9:16amEST — Axios had a major get yesterday:

Axios has reviewed a Grand Jury subpoena that Robert Mueller’s team sent to a witness last month.

What Mueller is asking for: Mueller is subpoenaing all communications — meaning emails, texts, handwritten notes, etc. — that this witness sent and received regarding the following people:

  1. Carter Page
  2. Corey Lewandowski
  3. Donald J. Trump
  4. Hope Hicks
  5. Keith Schiller
  6. Michael Cohen
  7. Paul Manafort
  8. Rick Gates
  9. Roger Stone
  10. Steve Bannon

The subpoena asks for all communications from November 1, 2015, to the present. Notably, Trump announced his campaign for president five months earlier — on June 16, 2015.

The story generated enormous speculation because of its “known unknowns.” It has been picked up by The Hill, and in the very early morning hours of Monday, NBC News reported additional details: Mueller’s

investigators want emails, text messages, work papers, telephone logs and other documents … The witness shared details of the subpoena on condition of anonymity.

Known unknown number one: “What is Team Mueller looking for?” NBC News’ Katy Tur and Alex Johnson connect this story with another recent revelation.

Mueller’s team is asking pointed questions about whether Trump knew about hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign before the public found out. The subpoena indicates that Mueller may be focused not just on what Trump campaign aides knew and when they knew it, but also on what Trump himself knew.

In other words, Mueller is looking not only into potential criminality but coordination — not merely collusion but outright conspiracy and possible obstruction of justice — on at least the hacked and leaked e-mails (read: Wikileaks, Russia, and “No collusion!!”).

Business Insider‘s Alex Lockie adds this:

In response to the report, Ned Price, a former CIA official who advised President Barack Obama and resigned from the agency rather than work for Trump’s administration, tweeted that the subpoena indicated “Mueller is treating it like a criminal enterprise.”

Price pointed out that the inclusion of Roger Stone, who worked with the campaign only briefly and had no subsequent role in the White House — but was found to have communicated with WikiLeaks — may indicate the subpoena is not about questions of obstruction of justice but instead whether Trump’s team colluded with Russia.

Trump has repeatedly denied obstructing justice in the investigation or colluding with foreign agents, making “no collusion” a rallying cry on Twitter.

Known unknown number two: “Could the leaked subpoena have come from the same source that told NBC about Mueller’s ‘pointed questions’?”

The biggest known unknown: “Who leaked the story to Axios?” Speculation is rife:

It is pretty much anyone’s guess as to Axios’ and NBC News’ source. Our guess: either an “under the radar” player, Sater, or Christie, via one of their lawyers.

And keep this in mind:

Mueller’s investigation into the myriad peculiarities of Trump’s presidential campaign is already far along, as it was a month ago. His team looks to be solidifying at least one case.

Which leads to known unknown number four: “Given the pace of last week’s developments and the details about the subpoena, how thoroughly is the West Wing freaking out?”

Trump and his current and former minions now face a reality that does not bode well for them: Mueller Time, it turns out, has just begun!

D.B. Hirsch
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