August 29, 2019 10:02 am -

The Inspector General has spoken, and former reality-show host Donald Trump will not be pleased. CBS:

An independent watchdog found that former FBI Director James Comey did not release classified information to the public, although he did violate agency policy by taking home unclassified memos and ensuring that they would be leaked to the press.

The Office of the Inspector General for the Justice Department investigated Comey for leaking his own memos describing conversations with President Trump to his friend, Daniel Richman, a professor at Columbia University’s law school. Richman then provided the contents of the memo to a reporter at The New York Times who wrote about it.

The inspector general said in an 83-page report that Comey “violated applicable policies” related to his FBI employment agreement and that the memos were official FBI records. The probe found that the memos Comey leaked contained confidential, but not classified, information.

In other words, Comey is exonerated of crimes.There was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, and a need to circumvent FBI policies under extraordinary circumstances (read: a so-called president who was acting like a mob boss) — and all of Trump’s bluster (read: slander) about Comey has in effect backfired – even with his crony “Fat Bill Four-Eyes” Barr running the Justice Department.

Oddly, the IG report makes little mention of Trump attempting to interfere with the Department of Justice.

We will let James Comey have the last word.

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