May 18, 2014 2:35 pm -

A woman at an apartment complex in Spring, Texas, found herself in a fight for her life while staring at an unstable lady at her door wielding a two-foot sword. Karen Torres was minding her own business, taking care of her potted plants, when Thursday evening suddenly turned chaotic.


She said, “I heard all this bizarre noise and I just opened it, and there was a lady bent over killing my plants.”

According to investigators, Humera Mahmood was whacking at the plants with a sword.

Torres said, “And I stood here astonished and I said, ‘What are you doing, She came at me in a rush with that sword and I immediately tried to swing the door shut, but she was quick.”

Karen continued, “I’ve got to get my door shut, or this poor, crazy lunatic is going to kill me.”

Torres acted quickly and grabbed the sword then pushed.

Karen managed to close the door but her hand was cut, however, the woman kept hacking at the door.

Karen said, “At one point, I was holding the bolt shut, trying to hold my hand close so I wouldn’t bleed too much and calling 911 going, she’s trying to get in.”

At that point Karen explained that Mahmood stopped and grabbed the one plant she hadn’t killed.

It gets crazier. 

Karen continued to say that Mahmood then took the plant across the parking lot, where she dug a hole with the sword near a tree and tried to plant it.

Karen said, “A lady with her child pulled into the parking space and they’re going to carry in groceries. She attacked them.”

KHOU reports, “Another neighbor came to the rescue, but the mother was still hospitalized with more serious injuries. Harris County Deputies said Mahmood ran when they arrived and they had to use a taser on her. She’s now charged with aggravated assault.”

Karen said, “This poor soul had some sort of complete mental issue here.”

“I paid for it with 11 stitches and if I hadn’t gotten that door shut,” Karen added,  “I could have paid for it with a whole lot more than that. This is a nice heavy metal door, thank God for it.”

Torres told KHOU that her attacker actually lives in the apartment right above her. She said she’s heard some strange noises, but never expected anything like this.


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Screen grab: KHOU


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